Monday, September 5, 2016

Do you like it with or without hair?

Finishing touched have been added, bit of re-positioning of parchments and some base work. I also tried my hand on adding some I've said earlier sculpting will not be a force of mine anytime soon. But the hair can be reworked and redone over and over until I'm satisfied - but does the mini look better with hair or without? Help me out here please - atm I'm on the no-hair option.


  1. At first I thought no hair, but seeing the shot from the back has changed my mind completely. It needs a little work but hair definitely improves the model, in my opinion :)
    I love how she looks so far!

    1. Thanks for you comment, I'll go with a bit of hair

  2. Aye - the hair definitely ups the creepy factor. I dig it!