Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lord Inquisitor

This guy will have so many titles the Vladimir Klitschko is going to look like a rookie....
I guess that at some point anyone doing Inq28 models will have do an Inquisitor. They are tough cool looking models - or sneaky ones. This guy falls in the first category.
Not sure if I'll keep the staff top - could look good with a huge hammer too I think. Shoulderpads are also still up for debate.


  1. Pose is great. Hammer would definitely bring a more brutal feel to the model.

  2. He is looking good! I would vote to keep the staff. A big hammer would distract from the character themselves. He can kill people without the help of some oversized hammer! Just my thoughts though, a hammer would still look great. Good luck finishing the conversion!

    1. Cheers, decided to go with the hammer - looks more intimidating and brutal - but I see where you come from.