Sunday, July 3, 2016

Half and Half finished

Half and Half - not quite mutants, but born of human parents in the parts of town where pollution and radiation is almost a guarantee that some children are born close to mutation. From birth is was apparent that one of the twins had gotten the physique and stamina, and one had gotten the quick brain....their parents couldn't quite agree on who had gotten the good looks.
As they grew older is soon became clear to the boys that one couldn't do with out the other, as they together possessed a cunning and terrible strength matched by no one in their parts of town. For several years now they have been mercenaring, selling their services to the highest bidder, currently they are working as treasure for a small operation.

Though quite a long project for just one mini, I really enjoyed working on this - love the fact that I can concentrate on one mini - not several at a time. But every thing from the building process to the last brushstroke was a joy.


  1. Very characterful, & so many lush details to look at! Awesome work.