Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Almost mutant skin.......

As Half & Half are borderline mutants, I wanted to give the big fellow a twist to the skincolor. I also wanted it to be something else than the WAT grown AdMech skin I have done in the past, so I decided to work out of a yellowish base and then just play around and experiment...as follows:

Base: very old GW orc brown - lovely color :D

Then a wash of GW serpia

Next step was a skin drybrushing

It was then time to work some other colors into the skin, so he was given a random stippeling with a dark brown color and orange as well. Needed plenty as the next step would cover up most of it.

Another lighter fleshy drybrush.

Then I worked in some shading by adding ogryn flesh wash to "under sides" ie. non light exposed parts of muscles and fattybits. A purple was was added in the deepest recesses and in random patches to add even more depth to the skin.

Orange wash was applied on recesses and around implants/rusty bits.

Top layer drybrush of the skin - quite light coat of drybrush.

Finishing touches included picking out details and adding purple, orange and reddish washes around implants to make the skin look more irritated.


  1. That's looking great - very cool jaundiced skin tone. Good stuff!

  2. Great work on the skin tone. Came out fantastic. (extra plus for including all the steps!)