Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rules help for the Mechanicus Gaden of the Biologis

As some might remember, last summer I worked on an update project for the old TF codex - getting the rules in line with the skitarii and mechanicus codices and weeding out the units I had no interest in. Work is still in progress, the units I care about is selected and indcluded as well as some wargear; the latest version can be found and downloaded from the download section.
Now I have come to a point where I really need some help. The TF codex had the Gaden of the Biologis included - a statline and list of rules and wargear. No background and the like was finished though, and honestly I have no real idea about the origin or idea behind this unit. HOWEVER I do have an awesome idea for the conversion of this unit, and the bits to do it. So I need your help - do you know anything about this unit, have ideas for the use of the rules or any other good ideas for making this unit real, please let me hear about it.

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