Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guess these are robots you can count on

Well it doesn't seem like I have a lot of time to build stuff at the moment, luckily that doesn't mean I cannot buy even more models - as we all know, right?

I really fought it for a long time, but a few hours before Oathsworn Miniatures' Kickstarter finished I decided I needed some of these, extremely cool robots. Perfectly oldschool for some evil defender robots. Can't wait to get these AdMech'ed up.  Love the drones as well, I think they might just be painted up to look cool, but I guess they could be excellent C.A.T.s
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  1. Ooooh the support drones are particularly cool! Thanks for the scale photo!

  2. Nice! I'd meant to get in on this one but remembered too late. Doh!