Friday, October 17, 2014

Drone control

After the assembly the drone was sitting on my desk, for a day or two and I thought, need to add something to make it more mechanicus - at the same time two fellow hobbyists made the same suggestion, so I guess it needed to be done. I wanted to make up something a bit dark tech, but couldn't come up with anyhing really good, so I only added a mechanicus symbol and a controller thingie. Looks better I think but still needs something......hopefully the ideas will come later on. Need to make another one too, and make it as my mate suggested "the big brother of those little wheely ones" - guess that would make up for something really dark tech wouldn't it?


  1. Love your work manus the conversions are excellent, great stuff.

  2. I think a cluster of cables trailing at the rear of the drone, similar to things like the Forgefiend, would add a nice touch of the Dark Mechanicum : )

    1. Thanks dave, that's not a bad idea at all. I think I might see if I can make that work