Saturday, August 30, 2014


The first two models in my new unit is almost done - planned to add a few bits that could add some bulk or extra mechanicus feel. I have planned to field these a mixed group of servitors, tooled up for war. I really like the idea that servitors, ogryn, menials and the like, in times of war get fitted with different programs that makes them ready to kill, and that some will be kitted out with weaponry, but some don't get new bits and will have to make due with the stuff they usually use for the everyday slaving away.
Should I start using the FW AdMech list, I think these could double as Tech Thralls.


  1. What's the component break down on these sweet models?

  2. I really dig those - would also love a parts list, there's some bits you're using that I must add to the pile for my own ad mech.

    Really looking forward to seeing more of these, man!

  3. Thanks a lot guys, glad you like them.
    Parts breakdown to follow.