Friday, June 6, 2014

Hazardous problems

Initially I had planned on placing the hazard stripes on the Hunters on the Fabricator gauntlets, as seen on the first pic. But once I had painted one I was pretty sure it wouldn't work anyway, the green powercord is already..well green, and I'm planning on adding blue plasma to the central coils with some OSL, like on the plasmacannon of the Herakli. I'm simply sure it will look too much like a kindergarten accident. So instead I'll go for stripes on the cord connecting the robot with the gun, and add a much duller grey to the cord on the gauntlet.

I'm also considering making a small change in weapons. Since I made these, quite a few new weapons have been added to the various bits stores, and a few of them would look really cool on these, problem is now - can I wrestle the guns off with out damaging the minis too much..........


  1. I like the hazard strips, but feel they could be a bit more grimmy.

    I say save the new bits for future models. If you like using these guys a lot, just get another group at some point, and swap in the new bits and mix and match the squads. I've always ended up hating myself after trying to rip a weapon off a miniature, only to have it do massive damage. (new terrain bits I guess :( )

  2. You know what, that is really clever advice......problem is, I'm doomed when I get an idea...