Monday, March 24, 2014

Sagittarii scale and components breakdown.

As per request, a scale shot and a list of the components used for this unit - thanks for the interest guys.

Tracks: Guntractor from Anvil Industry's Afterlife range.
Torsos, small backpacks, arm with drill: Anvil Industry
Large backpack: Maxmini
"Servoarm" on Optio: Microart
Heads, arms, tools on arms: Blightwheel miniatures
Cannon: GW Grey Knight Psilencer
Targeting device: necron arm and optics from a terminater torso


  1. Hi, could you post a photo with Sagittari and Pretorian minis, side by side, please? Btw, I found your projects very exiting to follow....keep working!

  2. Of cause I will, keep your eyes open for a new post in the near future.