Thursday, February 27, 2014

High Hopes

Are we getting an official codex: Adeptus Mechanicus? Well one can only hope, and I guess signs in weather, tea-leafs and intestines of little animals has never looked more like it. Loads of AdMech minis from FW during the last year (for 30K I know), the new GW Knight, new leaked pics and teasers from FW, info that the new Knight codex does not hold AdMech units Faeit 212 and a binary message at the back of White Dwarf saying "Omnissiah be Praise".
Honestly I see why people are getting worked up, one must admit it does look like a lot of hints in the direction of AdMech. One can only hope, it would be cool finally to get it. Miniatures of the line could truly be awesome, though I must admit that I have not been blown away by the FW ones so far. Do I believe it will happen? Not sure really, though I have enough doubt/faith to put the building of my skitarii on hold until I see if GW will release some usable models.

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