Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hypapsist test

Through several different designs, I have been through trying to figure out how to make my hypaspists. Still I haven't been able to come up with something I really liked, and the project has been one of those things that just is set to simmer in the back of your mind and once in a while turns out a new idea. My latest ideas can be seen here, and I'd appreciate your opinion on the ideas, as I'm really trying to figure out what design to go with. What I'm thinking is a mass produced above average soldier, still quite human but with a good deal of tech and bionics - easily more soldier than the tech-priests. Though, topclass and trimmed rank and file soldiers, I also see them as a bit feral, rather violent bunch - without much regret and a burning desire to serve the Machine God.

But please let me hear you views and ideas.

Bits used are: Also planned are some shoulderpads, though I haven't decided on which yet.

Pig Iron and Puppetwar heads

Blightwheel Torsos

Anvil Industry and Blightwheel Legs

 Anvil Industry weapons

Anvil Industry arms - and a planned mix with ones from Mad Robot miniatures

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