Friday, August 9, 2013

New conversion parts...loads of them!

Well seeing those new huge marine models made me happy. Lots of people already hate them - I think they look awesome - I mean look at the size of those things, look at the load of conversion parts, I cannot wait to get my hands on those. I'll be putting my praetorians on pause till I get a hold of those legs, that's for sure.
But also on their own part they are cool in my book, and I could see them appear in my Iron Ghost army - I could easily make them fit the fluff.


  1. Agreed. Loads of potential in those kits.


  2. Oh yes. As you say there's lots of conversion material here.

    As for the models themselves I have to chime in with the negativity choir.The other SM armour types all have very clean simple shapes - these gus look more like conversions. They're very cluttered and the parts dont blend together into a whole. I hoped for something more like a smaller squatter contemptor.

  3. A few more days have passed, and I'm getting more and more convinced these are actually good models.