Saturday, May 4, 2013

R3-DRUM parts breakdown

On various fora I've been asked about the parts used for the Murder servitors, so I thinks it's time for a full listing. Links to most suppliers can be found in the right sidebar.

                       Mk 5            Mk 4            Mk 3            Mk 2        Mk 1

All of them have; GW Ghoul body and legs, Anvilindustry leg guards/armour, head from puppetswar, and various bits of plasticprofiles - the spine-plugs are simply 1mm rod drilled into the back. Cables are either thin guitar-wire, or home-made using Procreate and a tubetool.

Mk 1: GW Cronos pain-engine arm and vial, Necron spine, Kroot shoulderpad, IG optic, Ghoul arm

Mk 2: Anvilindustry bionicarms and chain bayonets.

Mk 3: Ghoul arms with guitar-wire, Kroot shoulderpads, Cronos pain-engine vial and syringe.

Mk 4: GW Cronos pain-engine arms, Necron gun power cell.

Mk 5: Anvilindustry bionicarms and chain bayonets, Necron spine


  1. Thanks for this breakdown Manus, much appreciated.


  2. Absolutely loving these, Manus - I really appreciate the parts list too. I need to pick up a pain engine, never realized how many Ad-Mech bits exist on those sprues!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. These are great, well done you!
    The parts listing is also very interesting, thanks for posting it. That Cronos kit certainly has a lot of great bits... must get one :)

  4. Cheers guys. The Cronos kit, has ever since the release been a big favourite of mine. Partly because of the sheer amount of fleshmetal parts, but also because it simply is so evil looking and twisted, that it takes the GW stuff beoynd where it has ever been before -in my humble opinion of cause!