Sunday, August 19, 2012

Uhhhh - the possibilities

Luckily I'm not too tempted about the new 40K starter set, don't get me wrong the new miniatures are cool, just way too kornish for my likings - if I was to do a chaos army it would be with a nurgle theme. The brute is really awesome, and looks like it could fit the bill fine as a nurgle brute as well.
The cultist however is another matter - they are really interesting. looks like there are sevral doubles and that would indicate fully cast miniatures I think. But one could wonder if a boxset with posable/multipart minis would be released for all of us that won't but te starter box. Anyway I do really see some cool basis for hypaspists in there, and that combined with Anvil Industry's statement that new human sized bits are comming shortly, well that's going to put my hypaspists on hold.


  1. I really like the high tech appearance of the cultists with their gasmarks.

    In fact I like all of them, except for the ones without clothes on!

  2. Same here - most of them look rather cool, I just hope they'll do a multi-part box for easy conversions.