Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Modular" city terrain

As you can see in the pics in the previous post I've made some small terrain/elevated city pieces. Quite simple to make from normal polystyren covered with a paper-like gaming "mat". They were quite fast to make, so I decided to make a few more. Being an old Mordheim player I love when the battlefield is as much 3D as possible.The parts can of cause go on top of - or next to each other. Little bits of detail will be added, like corners, drains and what ever I can come up with. Hopefully the last ones will be done later today and I'll get some pics up. After having the last game, I've really only been in terrain mode, having cleaned up a few building set I had laying around and ordering even more things for terrain building. Seems side-tracking is not a thing of the past. Just adds so much to the games when your table is set properly. So I guess the next few post will terrain orientated.

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